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"La Fontana di Comazzo" is run by Carlo Brambilla together with his sons Valentina and Ulderico, divided between the municipalities of Comazzo and Paullo has its registered office in the municipality of Comazzo.

Made up of 200 hectares of fertile fields planted with fodder, a herd of 400 dairy cows between Frisian and Jersey, a dairy located in Comazzo.

In the dairy part of the organic milk coming exclusively from these farms is handcrafted to be transformed with the addition of a few other ingredients, such as enzymes, rennet and salt, into excellent fresh and aged cheeses. The entire production process, from the fields to the cheese, takes place entirely within the organic farm and is certified as Organic Agriculture by ICEA NC 1045 according to Regulation (EC) N.834 / 07.

A very important factor of the company is the breeding of Jersey breed cows that produce a milk of superior quality and ideal for the transformation and characterization of the cheeses produced.

The organic choice was made to promote respect for the environment, biodiversity and the healthiness of the food produced.

No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used on the farm, the food used on the farm is largely produced within the farm itself and are also organic. The feed does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms.

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